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Q+A: 5 minutes with bohemian musician AISTÈ

AISTÈ has catalysed a personal musical renaissance. Her new single ‘What’s Going On’ throws the status quo into doubt, tapping AISTÈ‘s existential side to explore themes reminiscent of the age of Woodstock, that is, akin to the ponderings of live-wire acts who gave their all to their art and message. Artists

Over the past few years, Namibian born DJ and producer Gina Jeanz has risen to prominence as one of the foremost female DJs on the South African circuit. Known for her blend of smooth house and Afro fused club beats, she has quickly become a mainstay on the lineups of

Image by Seb JJ Peters You should be excited by Saoirse. The London based DJ and producer is one who is charging forward into the future of electronic music, alongside similarly captivating and invigorating acts such as Sherelle and TSHA. This group of diverse, non-cis-male innovators are shattering the boundaries

Image: Naafi Manuka Honey, like her namesake, is a rare and alluring talent. There is a captivating etherealness about the London based DJ and producer, and her work as an astrologer only deepens the mystique. Drawing from the grooves of her Pakistani-Latin heritage, her eclectic DJ sets combining folky cumbia

Growing up, Drew Makes Noise was exposed to his father’s 80’s and 90’s rock ballads. His friends would introduce him to pop music of the 80’s and 90’s variety. He would develop a love for the guitar and appreciation for the music of band Nirvana. Years later he would join

Written by Maya-Rose Torrão Multi-talented British artist GAIKA  has just dropped his debut full-length album ‘BASIC VOLUME’ via Flying Lotus label Warp Records, who have described the artist’s sound as “gothic dancehall and industrial electronics“, which is an excellent description, seeing as though this is a genre-defying artist who takes

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