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Kelis calls out Beyoncé and Pharrell over uncleared Milkshake sample

Singer Kelis has called out Beyoncé and her team of producers, including Pharrell Williams, for use of an uncleared sample from Kelis’s Milkshake on a song called Energy. The song appears on Beyoncé’s new album Renaissance. Speaking about her frustrations via an Instagram live, Kelis revealed that she learnt of

Image by Duncan Loudon The Weeknd, Nicolás Jaar, and Frank Dukes have been sued for an undisclosed amount on the basis of copyright infringement. The suit was filed by producers Suniel Fox and Henry Strange who claim that the track Call Out My Name off The Weeknd’s 2018 EP My

It is said that within the artistic realm, there is no such thing as true originality. The theory states that within our current world, because of our accessibility to an incredible plethora of media – whether it be art, music or even writing and academics – the concept of originality

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