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Review: The Soft-Hearted Sunlit Melancholy Of Christian Löffler’s ‘Lys’

Christian Löffler | Lys | Ki Records Release Date: 20 March, 2020 Within the work of Christian Löffler lies visions that are so strikingly intimate and raw, it’s as if the producer has grasped the very core of what he wishes to express and shaped it, little by little, into

As we approach April, 2019 has already proved itself to be quite a chaotic, and overwhelming year for many of us. Whether individually, culturally or communally, we find ourselves in difficult states of being in tumultuous times; often finding an inability to take a moment and immerse ourselves in creativity.

Interview by Shannon Lawlor German DJ, producer and artist Christian Löffler has been a driving and influential force in the experimental techno and electronic scene since his first appearance around 2008. Löffler started to play music at the age of 14, and ever since he has been shifting the gears

Electronic artist Fejká releases his debut EP Twilight today. Supported by Christian Löffler’s label Ki Records, the new EP is an exciting new project for the young artist, featuring collaborations with Icelandic singer-songwriter Hildur and German indie-pop and folk artist Marie Angerer. Brian Zajak, aka Fejká, began his musical career at the age of

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