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Jlin – Embryo

Indiana producer Jlin’s polyrhythms and syncopations might appear as apparent chaos, but therein lies the brilliance of her skill as sound designer or perhaps more appropriately, auteur. With her origins in footwork, Jlin has continuously broken the boundaries of her own genre, cooking up increasingly more ambiguous drum beats and

Image: Planet Mu Despite the fate of the dance floor still very much hanging in the balance around the world, 2021 has been an alarmingly triumphant year for footwork. This year alone, we have been graced with albums which have shifted the genres in ways we have not thought possible.

Image courtesy Planet Mu Contrary to her name, Jana Rush seems to find solace in slowness. The iconic Chicago native DJ and producer (also known as JaRu) released her debut album Pariah in 2017, after twelve years in the game of Chicago footwork. It was a statement from a veteran;

Image by Dan Barker Live Nation has announced that going forward, entry to shows produced by the concert and live event company will require all audience members, artists and crew to be fully vaccinated. The company updated their policy regarding attendance to concerts and festivals, now requiring proof of vaccination

“I want all the wild, crazy, freaky, sexy, nerdy people there; all together having the times of there lives! That’s my goal each and every time I’m on the stage.” Interview by Arnold van der Walt Any self-respecting house fan would instantly recognise the name Gene Farris. Considered a bona

Written by Maya-Rose Torrão Last year, on the 1st of October, a 64 year-old man named Stephen Paddock opened fire at a crowd of Route 91 Harvest music festival-goers with a semi-automatic rifle, injuring 851 people injured and killing 28 people, making the incident the deadliest mass shooting committed by

Legendary indie band The Sea and Cake have announced a European tour, which will follow the release of their new album, Any Day, out on Thrill Jockey on 11 May 2018. On this, the band’s first album since 2012’s Runner, The Sea and Cake deliver a refreshingly intimate collection of elegantly arranged, singular pop

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