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IMS Business Report 2021 reveals global value of electronic music industry at its lowest in ten years

Image courtesy Pexels The overall market value of the electronic music industry has hit a new low, a detailed study by the International Music Summit (IMS) has revealed. The IMS Business Report 2021, which was conducted in partnership with Pioneer and Billboard, provides evidence that suggests the current global value

Music software company Native Instruments have released a statement addressing allegations of racism and sexism within the workplace, brought forward by former employees. While addressing issues that affect social justice and the serious violation of humans rights, especially recently in light of the Black Lives Matter protests and with June

With the World Health Organisation officially declaring the outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus a pandemic, governments around the world are scrambling to ensure the safety of citizens as drastic measures such as nationwide lockdowns are put into place. The impact on the economy of each country is already proving to

Spotify has been a leading figure in the music industry especially of late; with their giant platform and massive popularity, they’ve made an incredible splash when it comes to changing and reforming the consumption of music as we know it. Albeit finding themselves in the spotlight for various reasons that

Trends come and go, yet it’s rare to see a new ‘fad’ emerge and actually – stick around. It becomes more than just a trend that people are latching onto as the latest mainstream interest. Instead, it blooms into a regular part of our everyday lives; strange to consider what

Spotify has found itself in the spotlight once again, and (once again) most certainly not for the right reasons. Whether it’s lawsuits, feature rollbacks or ad campaigns: Spotify seems to be struggling when it comes to presenting itself as a company that puts musicians first. The streaming giant’s latest moves

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