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Review: Blue Hawaii’s Sultry, Emotive & Club-Ready Mixtape In ‘Under 1 House’

Blue Hawaii | Under 1 House | Arbutus Records Release Date: 25 September, 2020 What can we say about the year 2020? It’s difficult to truly express our individual and collective experiences during the painful, strenuous and quite frankly rather terrifying turn of events we’ve faced this year – an

Blue Hawaii | I Felt Love (single) | Arbutus Records Single Release: 12 August, 2020 ‘UNDER 1 HOUSE‘ Mixtape / EP Release Date: September 25th, 2020 Finding themselves trapped on different sides of the Atlantic, electronic duo Blue Hawaii found themselves tackling their upcoming EP ‘Under 1 House’ in a

Famed music equipment company TC Electronic is in hot water for a blatant and sickening display of sexism. Collaborating with the band Steel Panther, TC Electronic created a guitar effect pedal entitled ‘Pussy Melter‘, with a description by Steel Panther member Sachel, claiming: “that the tone be as wet as

Today Montreal-based electronic duo Blue Hawaii (Raphaelle ‘Ra’ Standell and Alexander ‘Agor’ Kerby) share the Kevan Funk directed video for ‘Do You Need Me‘. “This video depicts the slow, almost meditative aspect of using one’s phone. The dichotomy of staying connected while alone is experience shared by a very diverse

Blue Hawaii return with new video and upcoming album Tenderness. It’s been four years since Blue Hawaii released their 2013 masterpiece Untogether, but the duo are finally back this year with a new epic 16-track opus titled Tenderness. To ready for the album’s release on October 6th via Arbutus Records,

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