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KID BE KID – Truly A Life Goal But No Ice Cream

Gowned in an oversized Kimono, wearing the war paint of a warrior, KID BE KID confronts what it means to live in a technologically-obsessed, image-fixated, exhibitionist environment that is the internet, or more broadly speaking, the modern world. And she does so in 10 beat-focused tracks, which she has compiled

Producer KID BE KID is a bit of a rebel. Having outgrown the restrictions that piano sheet music placed on her self-expression, she now taps her inner contrarian to explore unsung subject matter, which we can hear in her new record ‘Naked Times’, out under the Fun In The Church

Tehran-born and Italy-based musician Nava Golchini a.k.a NAVA has exceeded expectations with her Persian-infused avant-pop single ‘Gaz’. Although reflecting on a relationship that drains one’s self-esteem, the singer remains poised. She maintains a fierce and collected attitude with edgy rolling drums and jagged electronics reminiscent of the energy of Arca

Image: 2MR There’s a dazzling sense of fantasy to the music that Russia’s Yana Kedrina conjures up, like modern folk songs that are told through the intersection of man and machine. Folding her saccharine voice like shards of crystal into layers upon layers of buzzing, gloaming, and ebbing electronica, she

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