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Julius Eastman’s ‘Feminine’ to receive first ever vinyl release

Julius Eastman’s seminal work Feminine is receiving a vinyl pressing for the first time from Helsinki based label Frozen Reeds. The pressing is a remaster of a 1974 performance of the piece by the S.E.M Ensemble, featuring Eastman on piano. Eastman, a Black queer composer active in New York from

Björk refers to the music on her upcoming album Fossora as “biological techno”, a term that she and Gabber Modus Operandi coined for a sound Björk could only describe as “digging a hole in the ground… living with the moles and really grounding myself.” As with many post-2000s Björk releases,

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith’s latest album Let’s Turn It Into Sound is her most playful to date. From the visuals, featuring a 3D animated neon coloured digital avatar, to the approach to the music, Smith embraces a giddy whimsicality that at its best, brings unconditional joy in the same way an

From demonic soundscapes to serpentine techno, we roundup our favourite releases of the week. Listen below.  Follow our Roundup Selections playlist on Spotify to stay updated on what we have on repeat.   Lolahol – Lock&Key For her debut single, Lourdes Leon, the daughter of an artist you may know

From sci-fi gospel to another great Soulwax remix, we roundup our favourite releases of the week. Listen below.   Follow our Roundup Selections playlist on Spotify to stay updated on what we have on repeat.  Kelly Lee Owens – Sonic 8 On 2018’s Inner Song, Welch DJ and musician Kelly

Harmattan, the latest project from London based multidisciplinary composer Klein, opens with a simple enough gesture; a piano aria. But as for solo / piano reaches its apex, the chords scatter and spin erratically before surging into the sparse syncopation of roc. It’s intrinsic to the album’s namesake; the harmattan

Image: James Merry Björk has launched a series of special orchestral concerts that will be live streamed globally to raise money for the Kvennaathvarf Women’s Shelter. The Icelandic avant-pop star performed the first of four planned concerts last night. Each concert will see her perform with a different ensemble, including

Image by Charlotte Duale The Moritz von Oswald Trio has always been a bit of a revolving door of collaborators, held in place by the common denominator of von Oswald himself. Subsequently, the music from the German record producer and composer’s group has always changed shape somehow, presenting a myriad

Image by Stefan Fähler Berlin DJ and producer Ziúr has quietly and quickly made a name for herself as one of the most formidable voices in avant-garde electronic music. Occupying a prolific status in the Berlin underground, Ziúr’s sound has been in a constant state of evolution since the grimy,

Image by Kai Whiston, Iglooghost & Daniel Mutton From a striking extraterrestrial concept album to an unexpectedly lusty industrial techno turn by one of pop’s foremost figures, these are the releases that caught our attention this week. In no particular order:  FISHER- Just Feels Tight  FISHER has become synonymous with

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