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10 Recent Eye-Catching Music Videos

By Jenna Dreisenstock A collaboration in film, music and conceptual thinking; music videos are a perfect example as to how the arts weave in with one another. Music videos give us a better understanding of the artists and the personalities they portray within their stylistic visions and auditory explorations. The

Written by Jenna Dreisenstock With June now drawn to a close; the rainbow shimmer sparkle of Pride Month’s luminous glow has been a celebration in diversity and acceptance for all – the music world no different. Despite every month (even if not ‘officially’) being Pride Month, we thought we’d say

Our pick of the week’s best new tunes, with fresh new sounds from ANOHNI, Moon Duo, Naoise Roo, Violence & more. Download and stream for free on Spotify below:

The artist pleads to the president to release the Wikileaks whistle-blower before Donald Trump takes office. With her latest video “Obama,” Anohni has implored the exiting president to free Chelsea Manning, who is currently in prison for revealing state secrets, before Donald Trump begins his presidential term. Condemned under Obama’s

The latest video from Hopelessness features New York City concept artist and feminist Lorraine O’Grady. ANOHNI recently shared the new music visual from 2016’s HOPELESSNESS. It features O’Grady, who performs ANOHNI’s lyrics about the metaphorical cancer of capitalism that has taken over and Americanised the whole world (“We are all

The film stars New York-based contemporary artist and fashion design rebel Susan Cianciolo as an anonymous corporate woman in a world of animals and human drones. ANOHNI has dreamed up a dark psychedelic vision in his new video for album title track Hopelessness. Starring Cianciolo as “an anonymous corporate woman,”

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