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Loscil extrapolates an entire universe from a single phrase on triumphant album, ‘Clara’

Image: Kranky That ‘Loscil’, the moniker of Canadian sound artist Scott Morgan, is taken from an abbreviation for “looping oscillator” is an act of nomenclature that deftly echoes Morgan’s creative practice; deconstructing the familiar and sculpting from the pieces something completely new. This modus operandi, executed with a distinct sense

Image by Georgina Cook There’s always been a sense of overt otherness about Burial. The London producer’s work often feels focused from the outside; a voyeur to the dance floor rather than the dance floor itself. It is this point of view that positions Burial as an infamously elusive practitioner,

Image by Marco Casino If there’s one thing certain about London-based Italian producer Not Waving, it’s that they have come to reveal themselves as a master in sonic shapeshifting. From their earlier work which located itself between unrelenting dance pop and the dark throbs of EBM (see: 2017’s Good Luck)

Interview By Maya-Rose Torrao Producing under the moniker AyyJay, UK wave artist Aaron Reid has been hypnotising the online electronic music scene for more than half a decade. Over the years AyyJay has been honing his craft, carefully creating, with the help of an ever-growing and exceptionally supportive wave music

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