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Highlight: The Astounding Stop-Motion Animated, Beautiful Horror Of Alice Glass’ Official ‘SUFFER AND SWALLOW’ Music Video

While multiple fantastic music videos have been released in the past week (don’t worry, we’ll get to those soon!): we would like to take the time to highlight one of the best music videos that has dropped not only in the past week, but stands out as an incredible addition

Alice Glass | SUFFER AND SWALLOW (single) | Eating Glass Records Release Date: 6 January, 2020 With a laudable career spanning over a decade; the ghostly midnight cloak of Alice Glass’ enigmatic presence has captivated her audience from day one. The songstress has made an unmistakable name for herself in

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day…it’s a new year! To kick off 2019, we’ve compiled a list of but a few favourite music videos that certainly fit the category of ear and eye-candy! Prepare to click repeat as you’re captured by both aesthetic, and the fantastic tracks with a

Feature Image: Alice Glass | Credit: Michelle Shiers Adult Swim have become a well known force of nature when it comes to their contributions to pop-culture; whether it means collaborating with artists for out-there animated music videos and shorts, to the production of vinyl soundtracks for famed animated shows that

Written by Jenna Dreisenstock Image Credit: Unknown (Please, let us know if you recognise the image so we can add in the credit!) Not long ago, I briefly spoke about the importance of critically examining how we all, as music lovers, need to make sure we create inclusive spaces for

Written by Jenna Dreisenstock With the first half of 2018 coming to a close, our auditory journey has been graced by groundbreaking, boundary-pushing hits that have kept fans across the globe captivated by genre-defying sounds and breakthrough releases. Not only have we experienced a surge in fascinating and enthralling sounds,

Zola Jesus is pleased to share the video for “Ash to Bone (Johnny Jewel Remix)” which was co-directed by Zola Jesus and Jenni Hensler, exclusively available on WeTransfer’s editorial platform WePresent for 48 hours. The track is taken from Zola Jesus‘ new album of previously unheard tracks and remixes titled Okovi: Additions,

Singer, songwriter, and record producer Zola Jesus has announced a new album of previously unheard tracks and remixes titled Okovi: Additions, due out April 6th, which is an experiential interpretation of her 2017 critically acclaimed Okovi album released on Sacred Bones Records.  The news comes with with the release of ‘Bound‘, the first single from the project

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