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Amaarae – Fountain Baby

Amaarae’s latest album, Fountain Baby, represents a significant milestone in the journey of African music towards global recognition. In an interview with Pitchfork in 2020, Amaarae pondered the possibility of African music attaining the same level of popularity as Jamaican dancehall did in the early 2000s, thanks to artists like

We’d never have imagined that we’d be covering a Drake album here at The Playground, but for all accounts, Honestly, Nevermind feels significant. No one could have anticipated that the Canadian hip-hop superstar would pivot toward dance music, and with little warning at that. It makes Honestly, Nevermind one of

Image CWPT Berlin based DJ and producer Palms Trax has released the new single Petu, featuring South African vocalist Nonku Phiri. The single ushers in the arrival of Trax’s new label, CWPT. Petu was originally released in dub form by Trax as a part of his stint for Grand Theft

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