Synthwave music producer Waveshaper releases full-length & cinematic album

        Image credit: Joakim Reimer

Within the deep recesses of synthwave, you’ll find several notorious producers who have created names for themselves with their epic albums. Take Com Truise, for instance with his two albums Galactic Melt and In Decay that set the bar for 2011 and 2012. A further step back finds Boards of Canada with their renowned Music Has The Right To Children that was released in 1998 and yet is still racking up millions of plays today across streaming platforms. Jump forward a little to 2013 and you’ll find Gesaffelstein with his full-length debut album, Aleph which quickly reached critical acclaim.

Stream/ download: Mainframe LP

Another jump brings us to 2021, where the music industry has taken a heavy knocking but the legends remain the same. It’s here that you’ll meet Waveshaper with his recently released album, Mainframe. You may remember nearly exactly a month ago, when we sat down for an exclusive interview with the producer as he shared his first single, ‘Friends Again’.  Alongside the single is the previously released ‘Lost In The Cloud’ as well as the gently mesmerising focus track, ‘Save Room’, created in a tribute to the safe space found in old school video games. 

While several other songs also stand out (take ‘The Phantom Machine’ and ‘The Hive’), it would be a pity to chose only one. Waveshaper himself says it best: “For Mainframe, I decided to give every track on the album a unique attribute: a diverse listening experience but with a red thread throughout the album. The focus has been put on a user journey covered in emotional synthesizer soundscapes with captive melodies.”  

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