Synthwave creator Highway Superstar releases captivating LP

As the year winds down, there are a few definite highlights to look back on including Duran Duran releasing their first album in six years (Future Past), FM-84 embarking on an epic road trip with his beloved Delorean and The Weeknd’s ‘Blinding Lights’ becoming the official No1 Hot100 Song Of All Time with Billboard. Another artist worth mentioning is the Tel-Aviv-based producer Highway Superstar who first appeared on our radar with the spell-binding Pangea released on the 29th of October. 

The producer has continued to capture the imagination, returning with the unique LP, Contraband  which features the likes of Doubleboy, Sally Shapiro and Zoe Polanski to name a few. The video for ‘Slow Motion’ featuring Zoe Polanski appeared on the renowned Youtube channel New Retro Wave ahead of the album’s release, boosting the song’s notoriety and building momentum to the big release. The LP kicked off to a good start, with a premiere from CLOUT Magazine for the video of the focus track (Feel It Right Now’) jumping in to build anticipation. 

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While it’s only been a week since the release of Contraband on all DSPs, we’re expecting the synthwave infused creation to join the above artists as one of the highlights of the year.

The producer shares his thoughts about the LP: “The album is predominantly retro in nature, but I drew inspiration from a wide spectrum of influences. It’s important to me that the songs have a wide variety to them so that the listener is rewarded with an experience that takes them to different places – from modern electronic pop takes, to indie cuts, to instrumental journeys through the soundscapes. I’m extremely proud of the songs in Contraband and the two-year journey it took to create it.”



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By Sarah Britton