sweeep releases dark ambient LP

Experimental ambient producer sweeep has released her latest album, wake up before u die with all of its unusual goodness to boot.  The Stockholm-based producer has worked with a string of well-known names including lo-fi royalty Eevee, the enigmatic WTCHCRFT and most recently DJ Clea.

The recently released album opens with her single, ‘crise’ which was accompanied by a surreal video that showcases the unchained synth-riddled tones of her work. We’re later introduced to ‘mercury retrograde’ and ‘nothing is sacred’, both of which were also released ahead of the LP and have had their play count growing by the day. Each track takes a different turn, with a surprising harshness presented in one and an equally surprising gentleness presented in the other. 

‘trill me’  is understated and yet calls the listener back, providing a vaguely familiar oasis in the troubled waters. ‘swallow the noise’ and ‘in love and death’ enter into the mechanical surreal word, calling to mind self-produced dark sci-fi movies and humanity’s ultimate demise. ‘blood runs cold’ is once again that ice breaker of soothing sound with an echoing bassline in the background to lend it weight. The song hovers beyond the ears, yearning to be turned louder but closely guarding its secrets with each note.   

The rising artist tells us about the creation of the album: “A guy I used to skate with left a synth and a drum machine at my place for a few weeks since he had nowhere to store them. I just started to play around with them, especially the MicroBrute synth. I love how the thick bass sound could fill up a whole soundscape alone with just some effects, and I wanted to keep the final songs as close as possible to the live recording, representing the moment it was made without too many adjustments. I also went to studio “EMS” in Stockholm and made the tracks “starstorm”, “pearly gate” and “wildflower” with their microwave synth.”


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By Sarah Britton