Surreal indie multi-instrumentalist Jon Doe unveils vibrant new single

  Image credit: Mike Musanu

Delightfully surreal multi-instrumentalist Jon Doe creates mesmerizing indie rock soundscapes and storylines that feel like one is wrapped in a vibrant sun-soaked dream. Written on an impulse when he woke up from a real dream he had about his ideal partner, his latest single ‘In My Dreams’ has been released today via Odd Grove Records. The singer-songwriter and visionary explored themes of love and deceit with his debut EP Summer Fling last year. ‘In My Dreams’ picks up from its predecessor as a bittersweet tale of love that was not meant to be.

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Jon Doe is a self-taught musician who has cited an array of influential acts like Tame Impala , Dominic Fike, Tyler The Creator as highly inspirational to his craft. Although having these muses in mind, the young producer has created an unique radiant indie-rock anthem that will have you hooked from beginning to end combining raw emotion and subtle humour intertwined in one release.

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Speaking of the single, Jon Doe tells us: “I wrote the song on an impulse based on a dream I had woken up from moments ago. I had retained information of the key parts of that dream and that’s exactly what you hear in the song. I don’t know who the girl is/was but it felt like I had already known her for a while and once I woke up it was a bit disorienting. She was perfect in every way but she wasn’t real.”

We love how we can dance to the rhythm of the sizzling acoustics, and also relate the truth in the lyrics that are refreshingly honest and comforting in the same breath. 

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