Support. Organise. Sustain: DJ & Producer DVS1 Launches Electronic Music Initiative

The first event held by S.O.S on October 18th promises a day of informative dialogue regarding important issues facing the electronic music scene.

Feature Image: DVS1 by @barakistyle

The issues that plague society at large permeate every space we occupy as individuals; the severity of institutional issues don’t happen in a vacuum, and due to their complex nature – branch off, infiltrating every industry; whether that be arts and culture, or business workplaces. When it comes to systematic discrimination and oppression, public health issues (such as substance abuse) and even navigating the difficulties capitalism presents to us, these are issues we have to face no matter where we find ourselves, and unfortunately, these nuanced societal problems dominate many industries, including the music world.

In a bid to tackle the most pressing issues and challenges facing the electronic music industry, Zak Khutoretsky (also known under his moniker DVS1) has launched an initiative titled Support. Organise. Sustain. or in short, S.O.S – a serious distress call, calling for active and practical change in the electronic music community. Through this initiative, S.O.S aims to create a space where everyone from fellow musicians to producers, activists, academics, label owners and many more, can come together and create important dialogue surrounding the growth of the electronic scene and bringing the community together to retain it’s very core values.

Support. Organise. Sustain. is being officially launched during their first event which focuses on a day of important dialogue, panels and discussions at Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam on the 18th of October. Not only is the event free and open to the public, but all panel discussions will be further catalogued in an archive online; providing imperative information for those all over the world, not just for those able to attend the event in Amsterdam. The topics scheduled to be covered at the event according to the S.O.S website are as follows:

  • Looking to the Future: Building a Scene Versus Growing an Industry.
  • Enjoy Right Now: The importance of no-camera policies.
  • Make Room: Finding and protecting space for marginalized communities.
  • Write It Down: Developing and promoting scene ethics and guidelines.
  • Putting the Art in Artist: Finding and maintaining your artistic voice.
  • Take the LEAP: An effort to reform drug laws around the globe.

While even just the titles of these panels are enough to grab one’s attention, further information about each discussion which can be found here promises a day filled with incredibly important dialogue that can be applied practically in order to grow and develop the electronic music world. Approaching the challenges that are specific to the scene in such a detailed manner, as well as showcasing the inherent passion for electronic music, the S.O.S initiative is likely to be a game changer when it comes to community, business and artistry.

For more information about S.O.S visit their website, and be sure to reserve tickets to the aforementioned event here.

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