Stimming and Lambert share hallucinatory new video

Stimming and Lambert have now joined forces to create new music together, planned for March 9th release via Gomma sub-label Kryptox.

Titled Exodus, the album will be an introductory release on Kryptox, a new label run by Mathias Munk Modica, and will incorporate elements of neo-jazz, kraut and classical music. With production mostly taking place in Osaka last year, Stimming comments further:

“I did most of the production last year while touring Asia. Shacked up in an eight square-meter hotel room in Osaka, and with my trusty Elektron devices in hand, I combined grooves reminiscent of my Liquorice album with Lambert’s stunning harmonies. It’s quite funny actually, before we started this project together, I was wondering what it would be like to be able to play piano on a higher level. I found myself daydreaming at times, thinking, I would love to make the kind of music that Lambert is making.”

To coincide with the announcement, the duo have just shared a beautifully kaleidoscopic video for ‘Edelweiss’, merging colourful, dreamy animation against their breathtaking music.

Watch the video forEdelweiss below

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