Stavroz reveal debut LP to the world

Electronica quartet Stavroz have just released their debut album, Mindibu today via their own label, Moodfamily. The band first arrived on our radar with the release of their ‘Wintergreen’ single which has just recently been paired with a folktale styled music video when they took a bit of time out of their busy world tour and sat down for an interview with us where they discussed what they missed most about live performances. Jump to today and the band are currently in Amsterdam, where they’ll be celebrating their album release alongside Robag Wruhme at the Gardens of Babylon Festival 2022 – if you happen to be in the neighbourhood, we’d strongly recommend getting yourself a ticket asap.

Stavroz: “Making connections with people is by far the most missed. It’s about seeing how what we have created is impacting someone else.  A fan showing us the vinyl he just bought, tasting and experiencing the many different cultures on the planet or even posing for selfies. The brotherhood amongst the four of us also becomes very apparent as we travel and spend time together.”

Stream / Download: Mindibu LP

Standouts on the recently released album include ‘Orpheus Blues’ which isn’t afraid to embrace the melancholic as well as ‘Off Planet’ which sharply steers toward the experimental. However ‘Nobody Around’ is what’s really grabbing listener’s attention as it lends old school house elements to the cause with an irresistibly deep set of vocals to lure even the purest of souls into temptation. 



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   Image credit: Robinn Kemizz

By Sarah Britton