Spotify’s new Greenroom app may be underperforming

Image by Spotify

Spotify’s live audio app Greenroom has only been downloaded for iOS 141.000 times in total, according to information provided by the Sensor Tower intelligence firm. The Google Play store indicates that on Android, the app has been downloaded and installed about 100,000 times. In comparison, Clubhouse, which is considered Greenroom’s key competitor, has been downloaded over 30 million times, with 17 million of these installs being for iOS. 

Spotify launched Greenroom last month as a live audio sharing platform to connect fans and artists after their acquisition of Betty Labs, the developers of the sports-focussed live audio app Locker Room. Spotify refurbished and relaunched the Locker Room app as Greenroom and as Sensor Tower points out, subsequently absorbed Locker Room’s installation database. As a result, a portion of Greenroom’s iOS downloads are accounted for by Locker Room, though the majority are made up of downloads that happened after Greenroom’s July 16th launch. 

The small size of Greenroom’s user base stands in stark contrast to Spotify’s registered 365 million users. This is despite a number of efforts from Spotify to populate the app with users and content. One such effort includes a Creator Fund, with Spotify paying creators incentives in exchange for them populating Greenroom with new content. So far, there have generally been few tie-ins on Greenroom with the main Spotify platform, which could be another reason for its slow reach. Since its soft-launch in June, Spotify has promised there will be far more crossovers with their main app on Greenroom, though specifics have been provided at this time.