Spotify’s Brand New Feature Allows Users To Create Special Playlists For Their Pets

Spotify has rolled out a new feature that allows users to input information about their beloved pets, with an algorithm designed to create playlists to suit their personalities.

Throughout history, music has been an integral part of the human experience; from ancestral spiritual practices that document our ethnicities, cultures and traditions and anthems, sung in protest that help topple oppressive systems – and of course, our contemporary love of music filled with emotion, connection and joy.

It’s easy to forget that we humans are too, animals, part of the bigger picture – and if music is such an important part of our lives, then the question begs, do non-human animals experience music in similar ways we do?

Well, Spotify has released a new feature that has got you (and your companion animals) covered, hopefully answering that very question; in a very interesting move, the streaming giant has rolled out a brand new feature that allows pet-parents the ability to create playlists specifically designed to suit their beloved pets. Many believe that music can be a wonderful addition to a pets life, as it may provide stress relief or even keep our loving companions company when we are away.

The platform has announced that with the new feature, specific algorithms have been developed to create the perfect playlist for your pet – taking into account species and personality, users first specify what type of pet the playlist is allocated to; currently, one can choose between music for dogs, cats, birds, iguanas and hamsters.

Following this step, users add in specific information to aid the algorithm – picking specified personality traits you associate with your pet, whether they are lazy, calm, energetic and so on. With an added profile photo and their name gracing the playlist, Spotify users can keep the personalised playlists for their pet to enjoy anytime.

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