Spotify shuts down live audio app Spotify Live

Spotify has decided to shut down its live audio streaming app, Spotify Live.

Spotify Live, which functioned as a separate app to Spotify, allowed users to stream and interact with live audio, including podcasts and music. According to MusicAlly, who broke the story yesterday, the company believes that there is a future for live fan-creator interactions in the Spotify ecosystem, but it no longer makes sense as a standalone app. 

The features and functionality of the app had already been integrated into the main app, and the company will continue to search for ways to host live audio on its platform as it aims to expand into the radio market. Spotify Live was previously known as Spotify Green Room and was originally Locker Room, a sports focussed live audio platform which Spotify acquired in April 2021 for €57 million (£50 million). This came after the similar interface Clubhouse soared in popularity during the global lockdown. 

Spotify’s main operation, its streaming service, continues to grow in popularity, becoming the first music streaming platform to hit 200 million subscribers in February. The decision to shut down Spotify Live comes after the company announced that it was laying off roughly 600 staff members, about 6% of its workforce in January.