Spotify shuts down Heardle app

Heardle, a music-guessing app spun-off from The New York Times’ Wordle game, is set to shut down less than ten months after its acquisition by Spotify. Similar to the popular word game, Heardle challenges players to identify a song every day for points. 

Spotify purchased the game in July 2022, aiming to make the app more interactive and appealing to a wider audience. The app will no longer be available after May 5th, as announced by Spotify.

Last week, Spotify also announced the closure of Spotify Live, a service purchased in 2021 under the name Spotify Greenroom that allowed users to use live audio and podcast features in-app.

According to a spokesperson for Spotify, the decision to shut down Heardle was made after careful consideration and a focus on other features for music discovery. The app was marketed as a way to compete with friends in terms of musical knowledge. 

The company expressed gratitude towards the app’s fans and thanked them for playing the game. The closure of Heardle and Spotify Live are part of Spotify’s efforts to streamline its services and focus on core offerings.