Soundcloud Expands Premier Program For DJs, Remixers, Producers

SoundCloud has responded to persistent complaints from within the electronic music world by expanding its Premier Program to include DJs, Remixers and Producers. This expansion will allow these artists to earn money for the mixes and remixes that they post.

In a blog post, the music streaming company said: “DJs and producers who create sets, remixes and other forms of creative works will now be invited to join our SoundCloud Premier program and earn revenue for the tracks they share.”

SoundCloud’s Premier Program is an invite-only service that allows certain artists to earn money from their pages through ad revenue, and which has previously been called a “total slice of shit” by Four Tet after a remix he tried to upload to the platform was removed due to “copyright infringement.”

This expansion seems, at least in theory, to prevent incidents like this from occurring in the future.

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