Soma Records Announces Release Of Debut LP From Rebekah

UK techno titan Rebekah is releasing a debut full-length album, called Fear Paralysis, a full 13 years after the release of her first 12-inch back in 2004.

The record follows three other recent EPs put out by Soma Records, Confined Heart, Code Black and Anxiety, as well as some high-profile releases through techno platforms such as Mord and CLR.

The Glaswegian label goes on to describe the album as a “labour of love… as uncertain times, musically, led her to… [return] to a simpler time where elements from the depths are explored more thoroughly.”

Fear Paralysis will be offered as a bumper 13-track, double-pack LP – and will also be available as a digital download. Stay tuned for more news about this highly anticipated release (due on April 28th), and check out a cut from the record, “1997 Reprise”, in the meantime:

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