Skee Mask removes all music from Spotify

Bryan Müller has removed all of his music from streaming service Spotify. The German producer, known as Skee Mask, announced via social media on January 2nd that he made the decision to cut ties with the streaming juggernaut. He stated, “My music will be available there again as soon as this company starts (somehow) becoming honest & respectful towards music makers.”

Müller has been critical of Spotify in the past, openly calling out the controversial royalties model used by the company. His latest album Pool was not made available on the service after its release last year. Following Müller’s move, German label Ilian Tape on which all of his music has been released, removed their entire back catalogue from Spotify

Spotify has been under intense scrutiny lately, following information that the streaming service’s loyalty model underpays artists significantly. Furthermore, Spotify founder Daniel Ek recently invested €100-million in an AI defence tech startup, a choice that did not sit well with many artists in the industry. 

Read Skee Mask’s full statement via Twitter below.