Single Review: The Texture Rich Chillhop Bliss Of xander.’s ‘Settle’ (Ft. XXYYXX)

xander. (ft. XXYYXX)| Settle (single) | Youthful Records

Release Date: 10 July, 2020

It’s difficult to describe “chillout” music under an umbrella term considering the various sub-genres associated with it: chillwave, wave, lo-fi, chillhop and many more which could fall under the category have evolved so much over time. As the evolution of “chillout” music has undergone various facelifts over the years, it feels as though nowadays it can be rare to find artists embracing the ethereal bliss that we saw when these genres first emerged, with an approach that is distinct and refreshing in style.

Based in Boston, chillhop producer and vocalist xander. is an artist who has embraced the genre in a manner that shimmers with personality and innovation; an intricate and focused approach to sculpting tracks lush with texture and highly immersive soundscapes, a unique sound glittering with an idyllic, ethereal feel which, especially now as the electronic music realm has undergone a multitude of transformations, is extremely welcomed.

xander.’s inventive approach is hypnotic in nature, and with his latest single ‘Settle’, working in collaboration with iconic producer XXYYXX, the change of pace and focus on chillhop is a wonderfully refreshing surprise, and with xander. teasing an upcoming album with XXYYXX, we can’t help but feel overwhelmed with anticipation as to what the future holds for the artist.

‘Settle’ opens with a delicately fluttering pointillism; rapid clicks climbing in tempo as a static ambience drizzles quietly as an atmospheric engulf. The emotive swells of tender electronics shape the soundscape as melancholic keys sprout gently. The focus of the aura changes tone as a lively, upbeat synthesizer melody enters and dances in tandem with rapid percussive claps, yet is neatly contrasted with the rise and fall of the airy, sensitive ambience and kind touches of introspective keys.

In progression the track segues into a euphoric, kaleidoscopic bliss; the textural experimentation of which is fascinating in its execution – as if each, carefully chosen timbre is communicating with one another – the composition of which is composed in manner that sounds like its own language. The drive of the loving, candy-coated synthesizer melody swirling in companionship with upbeat claps and complex textural construction allows for the track to stand out as both sprightly and joyful to listen to, yet with a tone that is also thoughtful, introspective and emotional.

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Rating: 7.5 / 10

Feature Image: xander. via Facebook / Instagram