Single Review: The Reflective Growing Pains Of Youth In ‘Exceptions’ By Rituals of Mine

Rituals of Mine | Exceptions (single) | Carpark Records

Single Release Date: 18 August, 2020

Album: HYPE NOSTALGIA | 25 September, 2020

Rituals Of Mine, otherwise known as the now solo moniker of Sacramento-based vocalist and songwriter Terra Lopez is a project that demonstrates clearly what it means to create music from the core of one’s heart, weaving a strong perception of the self and empathy for others through her distinct, genre-bending sound.

The ways in which the societal expectations of our identities have been weaponized against us from the very beginning of our childhoods, with the society around us telling us who we should be: the unjust binary world sculpted to shame us, to invalidate us, to hurt and oppress us and take away what is rightfully ours as human beings – that is, the freedom to be who we truly are, without living in fear as we live our truths.

Lopez’s first full-length release as Rituals Of Mine HYPE NOSTALGIA is scheduled to be released via Carpark Records on September 25th: with the title apt for the artist, as she revisits her past and reclaims her difficult and emotional experiences as a source of power and liberation, with a now clear perspective.

With the release of her single ‘Exceptions’ and the poignant video that accompanies it, Lopez explores a recreation of a true story from her childhood as a queer womxn of colour – the combination of her unique approach to songwriting shining through within the sincerity of the deeply heartfelt and personal music video – even the addition of the note received by the young girl is in fact an authentic note received by Lopez herself.

Kicking off with a robust, impactful beat, rolling percussion and celestial atmospheres ‘Exceptions‘ highlights Lopez’s soothingly ethereal vocals take a firm yet sincerely passionate lead – densely layered with overwhelming emotion and drenched in nostalgic reminiscence. Studded glitch and steady bass-lines dynamically float beneath stunningly rocessed harmonies, and a potently memorable chorus inducing a hit-repeat reaction with each and every listen.

Arguably serving as one of, if not, the most direct track Lopez has ever written, lyrically ‘Exceptions’ accurately portrays a true story narrative of self-reflection, and devoted introspection into the hardships of youth and the search for one’s true self.

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Rating: 8 / 10

Feature Image: Terra Lopez / Rituals Of Mine by Jeffrey LaTour