Single Review: The Fluid Cascade Of Kelly Lee Owen’s Minimalist Techno Cut ‘Melt!’

Kelly Lee Owens | Melt! (single) | Smalltown Supersound

Release Date: 25 February, 2020

In 2017, musician and producer Kelly Lee Owens earned her stars through the critical acclaim of her self-titled, debut album; breaking out into the realm of left-field production with her hypnotic approach to minimalist techno and lush, bewitching dream-pop. From then on, Owens has become a notable figure in the electronic music realm, remixing works by notable artists such as Björk and St. Vincent – and most recently, her stunning collaboration on the track ‘Luminous Beings’ with acclaimed producer Jon Hopkins.

With the announcement of her upcoming second album ‘Inner Sound’, to be released May 1st via Smalltown Supersound: Owens has released her first single from the album entitled ‘Melt!’ – a spellbinding techno cut with the auditory structure of the track itself a commentary on the climate crisis – with the artist using samples of melting glacial ice, as well as sounds subtracted from people quite literally skating on thin ice. Accompanied by a mesmerising video by filmmaker Laneya Billingsley – also known as Billie0cean – the narrative within Melt! Swirls effortlessly with it’s visual counterpart; showcasing a personal, intrixable link between humankind and the earth.

The icy oscillation of electronic droplets glitter on the dewy surface of a palpitating beat in ‘Melt!‘s opening; the rhythmic fluctuation of textures scattering into a tender segue – a clearer pull of the pulsing beat to the forefront, with Owen’s smooth vocals breaking the frosty haze, soaked in delay. Sharp, shimmering chimes dot the soundscape, the animation of a bubbling electronic cascades playfully contagious – imbued with a striking dancefloor-ready energy with a delicately layered, sparkling minimalism. Owen’s use of glacial samples allows for an immersive, atmospheric feel – the airy ambience underlying the focused, determined beat adds scintillating texture while flowing freely within the fluidity of the track. The visual counterpart works skilfully with ‘Melt!’ – the crisp, rich hues of glassy blues and purples splitting apart; spilling over sensual, obscured visions of the human form – seeping lovingly into the subjects skin.

Kelly Lee Owen’s 2nd LP ‘Inner Sound’ will be released May 1st 2020 via Smalltown Supersound – be sure to pre-order the album and find out more information using the links provided below.

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Rating: 8 / 10

Feature Image: Kelly Lee Owens by Kim Hiorthøy