Single Review: The Celestial Meditative Loneliness Of Kelly Lee Owens’ ‘Night’

Kelly Lee Owens | Night (single) | Smalltown Supersound

Release Date: 22 April, 2020

Album Release: ‘Inner Sound‘ 28 August, 2020

While the news of Kelly Lee Owens’ upcoming second album ‘Inner Sound’ being postponed from May 1st to August 28th has been upsetting news for all – the release of the American producer and musician’s latest single ‘Night’ is most definitely welcomed; flowing effortlessly with the sensual, cascading techno cut of her first single release from ‘Inner Sound’ entitled ‘Melt!’ – which as an extra treat – came with its own mesmerising visual companion by the filmmaker Laneya Billingsley.

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Similarly to ‘Melt!’ in which Owen’s used samples of splintering glaciers, with the ice-cold textures a political comment on the climate crisis; a spellbinding, personal connection and call to social responsibility – while still perfect for the dancefloor: ‘Night’ comes at an extremely turbulent time as we all face the struggles of pandemic. According to Owens:

“This track speaks as to how feelings and insights are more accessible to us at nighttime – how the veils are thinner somehow and therefore how we are more able to connect to our hearts true desires,

I wanted to release this track as a gift to you during this crazy time, to give a part of my heart to you all.”

The silken curtains of ‘Night‘ intertwine with velveteen threads of gossamer timbres; Owen’s sultry vocals glissade in a honeyed melancholy, the intimacy of the producer’s delicately woven harmonies soaring smoothly amongst the meditative repetition of the waxing and waning electronic moonbeams and blossoming beats. The rhythmic pull of Owens’ signature minimalist techno shivers with a cloak of intimacy and loneliness; reminiscent of those ‘can’t sleep 3AM thoughts’ – Owens’ melodious vocals, doused in echoic bliss and introspection glide without obstacle in an airy, crisp soundscape; lavish with its strong, heavy heartbeat.

The progression of the track grows noticeably more intense – the palpitation of the rich, driven beat overwhelms in a gradual tide, the midnight darkness pounding thick within the veins; the growth of ‘Night‘ segues as a calm before the storm, and ends with a subsequent, slightly anxious relief. Owens’ ability to sculpt a track that holds a deep, personal sense of emotion, intricate atmosphere and a clear thoughtful nature – while still, quite evidently, standing strong as a bold and vibrant shimmering techno-cut which would shine on the dance-floor – is but one aspect that can assure Kelly Lee Owens as one of the most enthralling and unique artists leading the way within the electronic music world at this time.

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Rating: 8.5 / 10

Feature Image: Kelly Lee Owens by Kim Hiorthøy