Review: Iglooghost Explores The Long Lost Traditions of Lei Music With His Modern Take In ‘Sylph Fossil’

Iglooghost | Sylph Fossil | GLOO

Lei Line Eon Album Release Date: April 2nd, 2021

I have spent the past year researching a lost tradition of my hilltop birthplace called ‘Lei Music.’ This special genre has the ability to summon strange, squeaking entities from invisible zones. These songs are transcribed to special discs called ‘Lei Disks’ – and are now hoarded & traded obsessively by modern-day collectors.


Iglooghost never ceases to surprise us with each new release; and we couldn’t be more excited for his upcoming album ‘Lei Line Eon’ – with his latest single ‘Sylph Fossil’, we see the artist take an incredible and extremely fascinating new approach to creating music.

“Comprised of a tangled nexus of folklore, geology, sound technology and ever-diverging historic accounts – Lei Music’s questions seem eternally shrouded by a dense blur.”

“The development of ‘Sylph Fossil’ was a strenuous process. It was rife with unexpected results, guesswork, and contact with vile, abyssal beings. Around three hundred and twenty-four αlfa builds are sat on the Glyph Institute² vaults.”

“The third notable αlfa build of ‘Sylph Fossil’ began with an entirely different approach to the previous examples. Around this point, we were certain that we wanted to persevere in completing the composition and foster a stable communication with the entities. These distinctive beings were were adorned with interlacing, wing-like appendages that bared no resemblance to any recorded summon.”

The most notable aspect of ‘Sylph Fossil’ is that, while it bares less resemblance to the vivid chaos of the video-game-esque madness we’ve experienced from the artist in previous releases; his hugely unique style when it comes to composition shines through in a highly hypnotic world of his own – immersive and overall outstandingly intriguing. The use of intricate vocal whispers – which are explained further as ‘Abysmal Hymns’ Iglooghost describes:

An Abyssal Hymn (or ᏗᏂ) is an umbrella term that encapsulates the use of human speech in Lei Music. ᏗᏂ signals are used for a multitude of purposes, but in our case the technique was to be employed to plug the intermittent gaps in our composition.

Read more about his in-depth process here.

Glitching electronics, spellbinding vocal samples and a striking beat stand out as major highlights on the already captivating track; interestingly, with many elements of R&B and hip-hop luminous within the innovative electronic soundscape, with Iglooghost once again breaking barriers in more ways than one.

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