Single Review: Electrifying Walls Of Sound Radiate Colour In Hudson Mohawke’s ‘Black Cherry’

Hudson Mohawke | Black Cherry (single) | Warp Records

Release Date: July 8, 2020

When speaking of Ross Birchard – better known under his moniker Hudson Mohawke: the acclaimed Scottish producer rarely needs an introduction considering the outstanding impact the artist has made in the electronic music realm throughout the last two decades. 

As a leading figure in sculpting the electronic music scene as we know it today, Birchard has explored a plethora of genres: always willing to experiment and dive within a variety of different musical projects, with his distinct and highly sought-after production skill making tidal waves within the industry (even dating back to the his DJ prowess back at 15 years old!) with each new project. Birchard has worked with a multitude of critically acclaimed musicians, making the producer a household name.

With Birchard unafraid of traversing a myriad of genre elements, the allure of his solo material is no surprise. The release of his most recent single ‘Black Cherry’, released via Warp Records, continues to showcase the producers exploration into the ever evolving world of electronic music and leaves us wanting more.

The gurgle of bubbling alien synthesizers greet listeners in ‘Black Cherry‘s introduction: pulsing beneath a growing restlessness as the track begins to fill with a rush of adrenaline. An extraterrestrial segue into driven, dominant claps and the accompanying strikes of biting, high-pitched synths swell into a tidal wave crescendo: crafting a flourishing, powerful break as the track collapses into a lavish wall of sound – the playful nature of which glows luminescent.

A strong, pounding beat accompanies the rich soundscape, washes of effects engulfing listeners in an unearthly, trance-inducing dance. Bold and fiery, kaleidoscopic in its immersion: the track fluidly makes room for a focus on individual timbres – joyful, genuinely playful claps drive the percussion as layers of texture build upon one another brick by brick – a potent, static beat dotting the flourishing soundscape as it grows once again into a compelling, immersively energetic peak. As the track comes to its close, Mohawke encompasses a reflective ambience after the heart-pounding adrenaline, allowing for a moment of calm as the electronics fluidly fade away.

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Rating: 7.5 / 10

Feature Image: Hudson Mohawke, Press