Single Review: Com Truise Delves Back Into His Science-Fiction Roots In ‘False Ascendancy’

Com Truise | False Ascendancy (single) | Ghostly

Single Release Date: 14 October, 2020

In Decay, Too Album Release Date: 4 December, 2020

Throughout his career, American producer Seth Haley: known under his musical moniker Com Truise, has crafted a narrative within his works in a manner that can easily be described as listening to electronic soundscapes of science-fiction tales. With much of his work stemming from the bliss of nostalgia in hypnotic retro and extraterrestrial synth-heavy realms – with each release Com Truise has created audible stories within a signature sound, while unafraid of bold experimentation.

Com Truise became a protagonist in his narrative; first and foremost as a robot astronaut. Following his critically acclaimed debut album ‘Galactic Melt’, the artist explored the world he had created for Com Truise as the android character explored alien realms and unknown galaxies. In his 2012 album ‘In Decay’, Haley released a variety of B-sides and rarities which tied the story together even more so: with his narrative eventually coming to a close in 2019.

However it turns out that ‘In Decay’ isn’t the last we’d be hearing from Com Truise on his intergalactic journey expanded by B-sides, rarities and previously unreleased early works; in his new, upcoming release and successor ‘In Decay, Too’, Haley and a team of dedicated internet archivists have gathered together the final tie ups to his sci-fi narrative as he moves into a new territory with his sound. The first single released from the album ‘False Ascendancy’ (previous an early demo track) sees Haley returning to his roots, and fans couldn’t be happier.

‘In Decay, Too’ (is) something like a bookend to an era. One last transmission from coordinates unknown; a culminating exhale ahead of what’s still yet to come.

Opening with oscillating synths – the tone highly reminiscent of retro video game soundtracks – as the rising and falling of martian voices; ‘False Ascendancy’ allows a moment of rich reverberation across a quiet galaxy as the track begins its ascent into a powerful drive.

A strong, heavy beat pulses with confidence as the alien synths chatter amongst fluttering electronics. The beat remains steady as a singular, sparkling synth melody enters in a manner unassuming, with Haley’s use of rich ambience creating an atmospheric world of his own soaked in reverb. The repetitive nature of the track works in its favour as one could easily imagine gliding through undiscovered galaxies, with the electronic textures allowing for touches of a starry sky and lavish universe, despite being created originally as a demo.

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