Single Review: Bicep’s Dynamic Playful Nostalgia In ‘Atlas’

Bicep | Atlas (single) | Ninja Tune

Single Release Date: 25 March, 2020

Album Release Date: 3 April, 2020

For the past decade, UK duo Bicep – made up of DJ slash producers Andy Ferguson and Matt McBriar – have made a name for themselves within the electronic music realm as eclectic music curators and skilled DJs, crafting a highly unique presence as they’ve sculpted a distinct, vibrant musical personality. Drawing from a myriad of influences, the duo embrace the rich intricacies of textural electronics, breaking genre boundaries and splicing their nostalgia for underground music with a dance floor-ready presence.

With the highly anticipated release of their self-titled debut on Ninja Tune in 2017, Bicep quickly became known as a driving force in the industry as their work quickly gained critical acclaim; along with lush luminosity of their live shows and their imprint ‘Feel My Bicep’ – fans have been waiting anxiously for new music since 2018’s ‘Rain’ EP – and excitingly, the release of their single ‘Atlas’ serves as the title track for their latest album, set to release this week Friday via Ninja Tune, April 3rd 2020 – providing a provocative taste of what’s to come.

With a minimalist introduction, ‘Atlas‘ manages to capture a jovial, upbeat aura in it’s intricately crafted simplicity, even within the first few seconds; a playful crescendo mushrooming into a distinct swell reminiscent of a youthful voice, burgeoning amongst emotive fluctuating synths. A bright, vivid atmosphere embraces the rhythmic percussion and uniform underlaying pulse – yet while energetic, hues of a more thoughtful, introspective feel glimmers gently throughout the track. A whimsical synthesizer swirls in repetition with its kaleidoscopic melody; soaked in a sprightly, saccharine tone, the candy-coated timbre glitters in its dulcet dance – a childlike animation sunny with an aura of genuine fun – however, with a touch of nostalgia. Allowing for a moment of reflection, a tranquil ambient interlude blossoms with a delicate affection, bringing to the forefront the sentimentality shimmering within the track. In ‘Atlas’ as a single, Bicep have constructed a unique atmosphere; rich with colour and distinctly dynamic with its effortless genre-splicing, it manages to retain a simplistic, rosy buoyancy while still clearly showcasing a charming and emotional introspection.

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Rating: 7.5 / 10

Feature Image: Bicep by Dan Medhurst