Singer-songwriter Nana Razaia shares spicy new track ‘Tóxico’


Meet Nana Razaia, a singer-songwriter, visual artist, and creative director originally from Brockton, Massachusetts. Currently based in LA, she was born to Brazilian parents, and is always looking to pay homage to her latin roots through melodic playfulness and free-flowing lyrics. Her goal: to merge worlds, cultures and genres together to create something truly special.




Her new track, ‘Tóxico’ is just that. Released on the 25th August, ‘Tóxico’ is both self produced and mixed, and celebrates the artist’s Brazilian roots with her first ever Baile Funk track, a hip hop-influenced music genre from Rio de Janeiro that blends the rap subgenres of Miami bass and gangsta rap. Featuring in-your-face drums and a massive 808-bass, Nana showcases her Brazilian flair and persona through her spicey lyrics and delivery, even switching to Portuguese halfway-through the song, only to return to the chorus in english. It’s a track perfect for the club, or one you blast in the car on a hot sunny day. 


Nana had this to say: “Being first gen, my upbringing had a huge emphasis on language and understanding the daily life of a Brazilian household in America. Over the years, I took it upon myself to discover more about contemporary Brazilian art and culture, the stuff my parents didn’t grow up on. My world opened up and my curiosity kicked into high gear. I became hooked on baile funk. My main goal with Tóxico is to show that even though I’m thousands of miles away from the motherland, I never lost my Brazilian identity.”