SHERELLE to launch inclusive new label, Beautiful

Image by Alex Lambert

London DJ SHERELLE has announced that she will be launching her own label. Called Beautiful, the label is focussed on supporting black and LGBTQIA+ artists in the electronic music scene. 

Beautiful will collaborate with existing European black and LGBTQIA+ collectives to embark on projects that look towards developing space for this culture and community within the scene. Speaking on the purpose of this, SHERELLE says, “It’s actually long being a Black queer woman in the electronic music scene. So much energy is needed to exist. It can have the parallels of being super rewarding, and also super exhausting. … Beautiful will make it easier for future generations and help protect and grow the scene into something beautiful.”

As a label, Beautiful looks to be quite multi-faceted. It will also run training workshops for aspiring artists and SHERELLE hopes to work with partners to provide technical resources to young black artists so they can refine their craft. Beautiful also hopes to acquire nightlife spaces around the world that will give preference to black and LGBTQIA+ artists and events. 
The label will launch with a compilation release featuring some of SHERELLE’s favourite artists from the queer POC music community. You can find out more about it here via their Instagram, here.