Shawn Price breaks his decade-long hiatus with a soulful single, ‘Lay Our Burdens Down’

Rising Ohio-based alt-rocker Shawn Price returned to the music scene on February 29, 2024 after a decade-long hiatus with a heartfelt single, ‘Lay Our Burdens Down’. Shawn Price is a folk rock singer-songwriter known for his soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics. Shawn got his start playing as the lead singer and songwriter of the band The Olde Souls and The Makeshift Band, his recent return marking the beginning of his solo career. Shawn’s music combines folk, rock, and pop, reminiscent of the soulful 70s akin to Joe Cocker and Ray Lamontagne. His honest, relatable lyrics and energetic performances make him a must-see for fans seeking an authentic live experience.


‘Lay Our Burdens Down’ takes listeners on a journey through the struggles of individuals holding on to life’s challenges, only to decide to release their burdens and pursue a more fulfilling existence. Produced and recorded by Jay Alton and mastered by Brian Lucey, the song features a lineup of talented local Columbus musicians, including Jeff Straw on keys, Eric Clemens on electric guitar, Rob Mottice on drums, and Patrick Long on bass. Price’s wife, Sarah Price, is featured on harmonies, adding an extra layer of depth to the song. It is a captivating track embodying the soulful spirit of seventies rock. 


Shawn Price remarked: “It’s been far too long since I’ve released new music, and I’m excited to rediscover who I am as an older, more mature artist.. I ultimately aim to create music I’d enjoy listening to, and hope audiences old and new will enjoy this new single as much as I do.”



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