Self-representation through musical expression – ‘Lazy’ by Mr. Mitch

                             Photo Credit: Lauren MB

Mr. Mitch has recently released his new album ‘Lazy’ through his own label Gobstopper Records. Featured are eleven songs which bring to its listeners a mix of emotions, ranging from euphoria to heartbreak. 

Miles Mitchell’s new album is a continued exploration of  representations of his life experiences and journey as a black artist. This journey started in 2014 with Parallel Memories, continuing in 2017 with Devout and 2020’s Patrimony EP which is an ode to fatherhood. Since Parallel he has abandoned 140 BPM grime for more of a mixture of UK’s rare groove, acid house and some dancehall raving heritage. This fearless creativity is honed by diving deeper into himself to transform his life experiences into music. 

Lazymight leave the listener oblivious to the album’s title but the eleven songs are ironically its antithesis. The album reflects the different moods and situations he found himself in while juggling between its production, running his record label and being a father to his three children. 

An interesting pick from this album must surely be ‘Did We Say Goodbyeas it is somewhat a love letter to ravers and clubbers. In November last year, Mr. Mitch made a public call-out on his Twitter account to ask his followers what they missed most about the club. 

Those responses were then showcased alongside footage from clubs and events pre-pandemic in a video for the single.

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