Save The Music Foundation: Empowering Youth With The J Dilla Tech Grant

The music world has a plethora of opportunities available when it comes to career opportunities; an industry that can offer both creative and entrepreneurial pursuits not only for working adults, but promising futures for youth interested in working in the industry. Unfortunately, these opportunities are not available for many, as education in music technology can be pricey when looking to attend tertiary education programs; and even more saddening, music programs completely underfunded in many high schools.  

It may be even more difficult for youth in high school to achieve these skills, as it’s fair to say that the mainstream schooling system often does not offer these types of specialised programs. Whether it’s finances or lack of accessibility in general, it can make it extremely difficult for youth to pursue their passions in the music world. 

Luckily, there are many organisations who are looking to change this and offer young people the opportunity to pursue the various paths that would otherwise not be available to them within the music industry. One of these organisations is Save The Music Foundation, offering a wide variety of empowering opportunities for students and schools to learn all types of musical skills; from learning how to play instruments, to the more technical side of the industry (such as production). 

Founded in 1997 by John Sykes, an MTV executive who recognised the issues facing music programs within schools after working as a principal. These concerns are definitely rooted in reality, as it is common knowledge that in many schooling systems art and culture programs notoriously receive less funding than other programs.

Save The Music Foundation has been working to change that, partnering with school districts and offering grants for a variety of music related programs for young people, whether high school or elementary. A brand new grant has now been established by the program; named after the legendary producer and prominent hip-hop artist J Dilla, iconic in 1990’s Detroit and the early 2000’s scene before his death. In a move honouring the late producer as well as empower young students wanting to work within the industry, the J Dilla Tech Grant is going to be funding and providing accessibility to skills necessary to excel in the area of electronic music.

The grant provides all necessary equipment and training to public high school students; this includes everything from production software and computer hardware, instruments and books and all necessary audio gear for students participating in the program. Funding these types of grants for the public school system is incredibly empowering and an amazing opportunity for so many; with specific training focused on recording and producing electronic music – these types of opportunities can help create bright futures in the music industry for all youth.

Read more about Save The Music Foundation here, and details about the grant here.

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