Saint Ahmad unleashes his debut EP, ‘Mind’, a sizzling serenade to self-love

The multi-faceted artist Saint Ahmad unveiled his debut EP, Minds, on December 8th, 2023. Born in Japan and based in Brooklyn, Saint Ahmad is a rapper, singer, dancer and songwriter. Holding a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Dance from Florida State University, he is known for his energetic live performances and charismatic spirit. Saint Ahmad’s musical style incorporates UK club, Jersey Club, pop, R&B, and throwback hip-hop. The songwriter began releasing music in 2021 with alt hip-hop singles ‘It’s Just Me’ and ‘Clouds’, earning him significant media acclaim by way of his fluid approach to music, avant-garde aesthetics, and top-notch choreography. Saint Ahmad has received praise from Wonderland, NOTION, LADYGUNN, Metal Magazine, and Rolling Stone India to name a few. 

Minds features five tracks that blend infectious high-octane rhythms and introspective lyrics as Saint Ahmad explores the various states of mind he’s experienced being a Black Gay man and club kid. The EP confidently explores themes of personal empowerment, wild nights, love, and sex. An injection of energy awaits the listener with the invigorating club anthem, ‘Vibe’. The EP’s focus track, marked by a thumping, high-BPM four-on-the-floor beat which erupts into a filthy trap breakdown, is a minute and 14 seconds of pure, buzzing, euphoric self-love. 

Saint Ahmad divulged: “The EP details shame, empowerment, self-love, growth, and queer freedom. Each track reveals a different part of me.”


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