Ry Jones reveals contemplative title track for upcoming EP, Bumbling

Writing and playing music can be a deeply personal experience for many artists. This is often the case for Ry Jones, the stage name of London-based musician Ryan Jones, who found it difficult to play other people’s music as a result of a short attention span occurring with ADD. Initially, Ry Jones began with the piano and guitar but quickly escalated to the tuba, khim and any broken instrument he could find. The true joy in music for him came in creating something new and authentic while finding a balance in music that would resonate with others.

One can clearly find these aspects in his newly released single, ‘Bumbling’ via La Belle Musique. The single was released on the 6th of May and is the title-track for his new EP, which will be released on the 24th of June. Featuring deep soundscapes and delicate yet matured vocals, the release is ultimately carved from quiet reflections upon watching the world go by.

Speaking of his upcoming EP Bumbling, Ry Jones shares: “The songs come from giving a final look back. A blend of being grateful yet wondering what could have been. Nostalgic yet forced to look forward. I’d been travelling a lot and had picked up tons of world instruments so most of the sounds started in a very organic place. Most of the writing came amidst working on another project and these songs were born in the in-between moments and in intimate light. Writing them helped me sit a little deeper in seeing the greater moment for what it was, I hope it does the same for you.”

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