R&S Records To Put Out New Talaboman Album

On March 3rd, R&S Records will release The Night Land, a new album by John Talabot and Axel Boman’s collaborative act Talaboman.

The history of Talaboman dates back to 2013, when Talabot included a track called “Sideral” on his DJ-Kicks mix, and the duo have proved to be an immensely popular DJ double-act ever since.

The artists describe the album as “a journey inwards, an attempt to reach our subconscious and to document our dreams. We want to ignite hope and push imagination… Love is all this world needs. Loosen up those tight fists and give your sisters and brothers a helping hand and dance your anger away.”

You can check out a teaser video for the album, which promises to be one of the freshest early releases of 2017, right here:

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