Roundup, May #2

From blue-eyed soul to bassy heavy disco-house, these are the tracks you need to hear this week. Check them out below. 


Nicky Romero, Jonas Blue, Nico Santos – All You Need Is Love

The latest single from superstar producer Nicky Romero is a collaboration with Jonas Blue and Nico Santos, and early entry for song of the summer. All You Need Is Love is a hopelessly romantic, upbeat fusion of deep house and shimmering, breezy disco, featuring an absolutely anthemic chorus and an orchestra of optimistic strings and synths.


Genesis Owusu – Leaving The Light

2021 ARIA Awards Album Of The Year recipient Genesis Owusu’s is sets an urgent tone for his upcoming sophomore effort. Opening to a spine-crawling run of analogue bass notes, the immediacy hits on Owusu’s feverish verses and echoed shouts, backed by a riotous synthwave backdrop. A jolting mix of poetic punk and melodic catharsis, Owusu explores form and rhythm across an anthem about survival and perseverance.


ANOHNI and the Johnsons – It Must Change

The first single from her upcoming sixth album sees ANOHNI return to big band backed soul, and to ‘the Johnsons’ of her early sound. In contrast to the caustic electronica of HOPELESSNESS or her recent epics with Hercules & Love Affair, It Must Change plummets the depths of ANOHNI’s protest with gentle waves of languid guitar and swirling strings that frame her ever powerful voice, making it all the more urgent. 


Daft Punk – Infinity Repeating (2013 Demo)

Is Infinity Repeating one of Daft Punk’s best tracks to date? No. In fact, it’s easy to see how the languid motorik funk jaunt didn’t make the final cut of the album it was written for, the seminal Random Access Memories. In celebration of the album’s tenth anniversary, the currently disbanded French house duo dropped Infinity Repeating as, well, a memory of the sheer impact Random Access Memories has had on the landscape and sound of pop in the last decade, making it well worth a few repeat listens.