Roundup, June #2

We roundup the must listen releases of the week. Check them out below.



Aphex Twin- Blackbox Life Recorder 21f


For his first track in half a decade, Aphex Twin welcomes us back gently. Blackbox Life Recorder 21f, the lead from an upcoming four track EP due in July, is an emotive and gravitas filled breakbeat track studded with classic Aphex Twin twists and turns. There’s a subtle melancholy that anchors this one, rising to the surface for its sparse and minimal conclusion. 


Sevdaliza – Ride Or Die


Ride Or Die is a distinct change of pace for experimental baroque pop singer Sevdaliza. A slow-burning reggaeton love song, Ride Or Die is the most straightforward pop she’s ever sounded. Singing between English and Spanish, this is Sevdaliza 2.0. Only time will tell how this goes down with longtime listeners. 



Madeon – Gonna Be Good


The new single from producer Madeon is… a pop ballad? Shimerry, triumphant, and layered in hazy distortion like the sepia filter on Instagram, Gonna Be Good is a hopeful sadboi pop anthem that aims for nostalgia and ‘good vibes,’ but at best comes off as something a little too tried and true.



PinkPantheress – Angel


Made for Greta Gerwig’s upcoming Barbie movie, Angel is a sweet-as-pie slice of 90’s guitar pop, as pink and plasticky as the doll herself. It’s a genre pivot away from her usual jungle and garage, replete with fiddle strings, but the subtle backspins and cagey electronic bass beneath it all give a distinct modern edge to a familiar trope.



River Moon – MOLLY


Miss River joins forces with umru on this mutant ballroom banger, a badass ode to the party girl’s drug of choice. Dripping with attitude, MOLLY twirls and dips along an aggressive bassline and erratic stabs, featuring ominously plucked strings that tip the whole thing a bit to the side. It bangs, it seethes, it gets 10’s, 10’s, 10’s across the board.