Roundup, January #2

This week’s selections have a touch of pop to them, from alternative bass music to a mainstream pop star exploring eurodance. These are the tracks you need to know about. Listen below. 

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Fever Ray – Radical Romantics

As we itch closer to Radical Romantics, Fever Ray reveals more about their latest project with third single Kandy. Perhaps more so than anything before it, Kandy returns Fever Ray to the primordial sound of their iconic debut. The bassline sounds a bit like Taylor Swift, but the tribalesque patterns and rhythms are peak Fever Ray, whose voice appears almost untouched here, to haunting effect. 


SONIKKU, BAYLI – Enter The Chat 

Of the current guard of left field producers reinventing the club by way of pop, SONIKKU has stood out as pop’s most dedicated scholar. The producer’s latest single gives in to those instincts more fully than before, a bubblegummy, noisy pastiche of SOPHIE synths, hype trap, and an attitude soaked delivery from BAYLI.


Daphni, Kelbin – Cloudy (Kelbin Remix) 

For his take on one of the standout tracks from Dan Snaith’s recent opus under the DAPHNI moniker, Kelbin takes everything deeper. Pitching Cloudy’s piano riff down a key, he maintains the track’s house DNA while making everything a touch punchier. The kicks are sharper, the bass lower, and the beats are out for blood. 


Debby Friday – SO HARD TO TELL

Debby Friday is likely a name you’re going to hear a lot of going forward. The Toronto producer is equal parts academic, her music arriving from a distinctive point of view backed up by feverish research. The lead single from her upcoming debut album peels back the layers of her usually hardened and industrial exterior to reveal a gentler, searingly wistful side to Friday that’s impossible to look away from.


Sam Smith – Lose You

In many ways, Lose You is the sort of song we’ve been waiting for from Sam Smith for a while now. A total plunge into the sort of queer eurodance-pop sounds they’ve teased but have never fully embraced, Lose You is equal parts heartbroken love song and campy house anthem. It’s Smith by way of Kylie Minogue, and to be honest, we’re loving this new look on them.