Roundup: Best Video Game Soundtracks Of 2020

Even though your humble narrator has been an avid gamer for most of their life; I think it’s fair to say that many people have discovered the true joy of video games while in lockdown. The role video games play in helping the majority of us cope with mental health issues is something to be genuinely grateful for. We’ve all experienced the collective pain of trying to cope with the pandemic, and for many of us video games have been a saving grace.

Not only are video games often works of art in and of themselves with the experience of visual art, narrative and gameplay; but as gamers we are lucky enough to get an incredible full experience, complete with some outstanding original soundtracks. In no particular order, we’ve put together a list of some of our favourite video game soundtracks that were released in 2020.

Persona 5 Royal

Music by: Shoji Meguro additional compositions by Toshiki Konishi, Kenichi Tsuchiya and Atsushi Kitajoh, with vocals by Lyn Inaizumi.

Track: Colours Flying High

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Music by: Makoto Wada (writer) Yasuaki Iwata, Yumi Takahashi, Shinobu NagataSayako Doi & Masato Ohashi

The Last of Us Part II

Music by: Gustavo Santaolalla

Ori And The Will Of The Wisps

Music by: Gareth Coker (composer) feat. Aeralie Brighton, Kelsey Mira, Kristin Naigus, Laurent Ben Slimane, Philharmonia Orchestra, Pinewood Voices

Track: Now Use the Light, We Want to See!

Tell Me Why

Music by: Ryan Lott

Track: The Diary

13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim

Music by: Basicscape led by Hitoshi Sakimoto

Track: In The Doldrums

Ghost Of Tsushima

Music by: Ilan Eshkeri and Shigeru Umebayashi


Music by: Aivi & Surasshu

Track: It’s Showtime! feat. Renko

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Music by: Nobuo UematsuMasashi HamauzuMitsuto Suzuki

Track: Battle Theme

Cyberpunk 2077

Music By: P. T. Adamczyk, Marcin Przybyłowicz & Paul Leonard-Morgan

We hope you enjoyed our picks! What are your favourite video game soundtracks from 2020? Let us know!

Feature Image: Tell Me Why by DontNod Studios

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