Roundup, April #4

From experimental club beats to darkwave informed industrial, these are the tracks you need to hear this week. 


yunè pinku – Fai Fighter

Inspired by the convergence of ancient Hindu mythology with sci-fi futurism, Malaysian-Irish producer yunè pinku’s latest EP Babylon is a kaleidoscopic rave odyssey. Fai Fighter, the EP’s spacey conclusion, is a hydraulic synthpop track that shimmers with 80’s modular synth riffs and Grimes-esque vocal chops. It’s spellbinding and energetic, thrusting you into pinku’s imagined alternate club dimension. 


HEALTH – Hateful 

Electro-industrial outfit HEALTH’s latest single drips in macabre darkwave tones, from its juddering, distorted modular synths to the ominous sirens wailing across. Hateful is icy, foreboding, but also deliciously propulsive. It seethes with vengeance and lust in equal measure, which makes its face-melting nu-metal crescendo all the better. 


Jayda G – Scars

The third single from house producer Jayda G’s upcoming album Guy finds her back in familiar territory. Scars is a disco inflected funk-house track that bubbles and pops with an infectious effervescence, carried along a satisfying deep and pulsing bassline. It’s classic Jayda G, with a touch of where she’s heading on this new project. 


Amnesia Scanner, Freeka Tet – Ride

It’s been a minute since Berlin based experimental electronica duo Amnesia Scanner have graced us with their delightfully obtuse formulations on bass and club sounds, and since 2020’s Tearless the overall landscape of the styles they traversed has grown increasingly more left-field. Ride is a gentle reminder of their distinct point of view. It’s technically a guitar plucked R&B slow-jam, but Amnesia Scanner style, so also like a remixed dial-up tone.