Rone prepares ‘Mirapolis’ for November release

Rone will be releasing his fourth album titled Mirapolis, scheduled for November 3rd via InFiné.

Stepping into Rone’s music is like sleepwalking through a vividly colourful dream, eventually stumbling across a strange, scintillating Megapolis of saturated light and colours: Mirapolis. Its twelve tracks/districts, each with their own specific planning, pulsate as though animated by their musical mastermind.

The project was an opportunity to get reacquainted with long-time stage and studio partners John Stanier, Gaspar Claus and the Vacarme band, and Bryce Dessner (guitarist for The National), while bringing in new collaborators (and thus, new interpretation of Rone’s dreams). We find American slam-poet Saul Williams, who happened to be in Paris for a moment and contributes a searing anti-Trump screed; Baxter Dury, who brings an irresistible East London touch to `Switches´, a kind of fan fic that reimagines the Beatles’ Sargent Pepper lounging pensive in a club chair; Israeli electronic music muse Noga Erez, who inspired `Waves´ which, despite being recorded remotely, betrays a euphoric partnership; and finally, Kazu Makino, Blonde Redhead’s bewitching singer and multi-instrumentalist, who contributes to the album’s closer, the gauzy “Down for the Cause.”

And thus we snorkel through Mirapolis’ musical depths. A city that generates constant wonderment, a desire for emancipation, a gathering of citizens connected to the collective’s vital energy. Yet, Rone is blissfully unaware of this – he is a therapeutic philosopher/musician, who seeks to give form to what is so near, so immediate, and so intimately linked to our selves, which this album embodies in full cinematic splendor.

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