Rising-star electronic producer Devault drops brand new single and video

Written by Maya-Rose Torrão

At only 21 years old, Orange County born and bred Devault is taking the electronic music scene by storm with his unique sound that blends dark electro with tropical pop. The young artist has just dropped a new single and video, titled ‘Steele’, an emotive electronic track with a captivating video that centres on family, motorbikes and revenge. After finding early inspiration from the sounds of Depeche Mode, Flume, and RL Grime, Devault has created a unique sound for himself with his emotive driven songs; his recent works ‘Nothing New’ and ‘All I Need’ have both already amassed over 1 million streams on Spotify.

‘Steele’ is a track that is tinged with darkness and nostalgia but Devault keeps it light and accessible for the listener by infusing the track with tropical drum beats that bounce through the song with infectious energy. The accompanying video matches the song’s mood perfectly, following the story of a troubled young man on a motorcycle, out to avenge his father. ‘Steele’ displays a maturity far beyond Devault’s years, but also shows the artists willingness to experiment with sound and forge his own path.

On his newest release, Devault comments: “‘Steele’ was a record I had done for quite some time, but shelved it for a bit. When it came time to put out my first EP I knew I had to put it in somehow, and thrilled to have a video accompanying it. The video captures the idea of the song perfectly. A chase, chasing down your past, chasing your full potential. The record is packed with energy, and the frantic nature of the video gives the song a fresh, dark new feeling.

Watch Devault’s video for ‘Steele’ below.

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