Rights Controversy Surrounds David Herrero Release

Spanish producer David Herrero has been accused of illegally using the vocal from Underground Resistance’s “Transition” on a new track of his own, imaginatively re-titled “Make a Transition.”

The accusation was made by original vocalist Cornelius Harris in an explosive post on Facebook.

Herrero’s track was released on Chus & Ceballos’s label Stereo Productions, emerging on a compilation called Miami 2017. Resident Advisor reports that Stereo Productions “deeply regret” the situation, and that they have begun “to remove it from all sales platforms and [their] own channels.”

Harris was particularly harsh on Chus & Ceballos’s role in the debacle, commenting: “Anyone is free to make a bad remix and post it on their Soundcloud. When you take that same bad remix and make it an official release on your label, THEN we have a problem.”

With Herrero’s remix already taken down, here’s Underground Resistance’s 2002 original, “Transition.”

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